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Internet of Things – IOT Analytics Solutions by VastEdge

IoT – Internet of Things offers advanced connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine (M2M) communications and covers a variety of protocols, domains, and applications. Works for physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

VastEdge IoT analytics solutions provides a managed cloud platform that lets secure and easy connectivity interact with cloud applications and other devices.


Internet of Things–Maximizing the Efficacy of Your Tangible Data:

Internet of Things (IoT) has become a pragmatic approach for development of Internet in a way that it includes all those objectswhich are capable of exchanging digital data to establish wired and wireless network connectivity. The data produced from IoT can prove as a great asset for the companies to capture deep insights of customer intelligence and enhance the operational efficiency of risk analytics tools.

Significance of Cloud Analytics in Internet of Things:

Using the potential of cloud computing technologies, businesses can modernize their existing infrastructure and deliver high speed application services to their customers. The cloud represents a shining spot and a huge platform with enormous opportunities for IoT initiatives to easily adoptand transform their technology into a hybrid IT service environments.

The Internet of Things is the concept of everyday objects – from industrial machines to wearable devices – using built-in sensors to gather data and take action on that data across a network.

To harness the power of IoT and Cloud Analytics together so as to produce effective results, it is necessitated to have a deep understanding of the involved process for extracting the meaningful information from the IoT data. This data if used to good advantage can stimulate effective improvements in a broad category of data driven business processes.


VastEdge IOT & Analytics Solutions:

The Internet of Things is the concept that finds its space in every walk of life from industrial machines to sensors and wearable devices. Gathering the data and taking action on that data in real time across a network is the beauty of IoTanalytics. VastEdge is a certified partner of global technology leaders like SAS, IBM, Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, and Oracle and providesservices for IoT analytics solutions such as:


Whether your data is at the edge, in motion or at rest, make fast, confident decisions – while reducing data transport and storage costs. SAS Analytics for IoT covers the full IoT analytics life cycle – from data capture and integration to analytics and deployment.

IBM Bluemix IOT

IBM Bluemix is a fully managed, cloud-hosted service simplifies deriving the value fromdifferent IoT devicesas well as makes the way to transform your businessusing Watson IoT in a scalable manner with APIs and other software services.

Microsoft Azure IoT

With Microsoft Azure IoT suite, businesses can accelerate their IoT projects using pre-configured analytics solutions and lead with a competitive edge in the competition. An open, flexible solution that lets you capture insights of data using machine learning and predictive modelling techniques.

Oracle IOT

Oracle IoT lets you perform real-time analysis on big data elements and operate on predictive analytics to extract value fromIoT streams and events.


VastEdgeInternet of Things (IoT) solutions helps to drive value in organizations and allows them to innovate from a position of strength. This can be achieved by acquiring and analyzing the data received from various IoT devices or sensors and process the data operations in a cost effective manner.

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